Community One, inc is geared to encourage children to reach for the stars. We don’t expect young children to make lifelong career decision but we provide them with a context for their school learning, knowledge of the careers and resources to achieve them, and positive attitudes that affect their future. Helps children connect education to career success.



Community One, Inc. is a non-profit organization that gives both the available and busy professional the opportunity to empower at-risk children by becoming career role models. We believe children who are exposed to better options have higher aspirations and ultimately make better decisions. We also believe parents and the community should share in that responsibility –  inspiring hearts, one child, one professional, one community at a time.



Children can’t reach for the stars if they live where they aren’t visible and don’t know exist. Our vision is that every at-risk child become exposed to better options, more opportunities and “stars” which lead to better decisions.

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