Once your school has decided to participate in at least one of the programs, our Program Coordinator will work with you to map out a schedule. The Speaker Series, Lunch with a Star and In Action programs each have different requirements:

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series puts a spin on the traditional ‘Career Day,’ attempting to spark the curiosity of children and encourage them to reach for the stars. The school will select 9 sessions (4 minimum) to host a Star in a classroom. Students will be given a worksheet prior to each session for notes. Students are required to return the worksheet signed by their parent or guardian. After the final session students are required to give a presentation showcasing either their favorite speaker or what they want to be when they grow up (Parents & Stars are encouraged to attend.)

Lunch with a Star

Once a student is interested in a career, our staff will connect he or she with a Star in that industry. Stars will meet with students on campus during lunch. Prior to the meeting, educators are expected to work with students to help prepare questions. Students will receive a worksheet to take notes that are expected to be returned with his or her parent/guardian signature. Student also completes a detailed road map project on the steps to work in that industry and presents it to other members of the group (Parent’s are encouraged to attend.)

In Action

We’ve added a twist to traditional one on one job shadowing. With ‘In Action’ a large group or class take a trip to a local business and witness them in action! Students are split into smaller groups across the organization and learn specific duties in various departments. Shortly after students come together and share their experiences with each other and hear from the organization’s executives. If you have any questions about our programs, signing a school up or being a volunteer send an email to

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